Our Discovery Platform

Functional and morphological screening in neurons

Discovery Services Platform, the Cellaxess ElektraAt Cellectricon we have a particular focus on diseases where neuronal excitability and synaptic function matters, such as chronic pain, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease and Schizophrenia. With our discovery platform, we can create model systems for registering changes in neural activity, both at the cellular and network level.

The heart of our discovery platform is our proprietary Cellaxess® Elektra technology, a revolutionary automated platform for functional screening in living neurons. The system combines localized electric field manipulation with high speed fluorescence imaging to monitor parameters such as neuronal excitability, synaptic efficacy and synaptic plasticity in primary and stem cell-derived neurons. Cellaxess® Elektra is the only system enabling high quality phenotypic assays for compound characterization and target validation in a high-throughput format for these parameters.

To complement the capabilities of the Cellaxess® Elektra, we are also employing High Content Screening (HCS) using the PerkinElmer Operetta® system to generate data on various morphological parameters such as neurite outgrowth, network density, and cell culture composition etc.

This provides a unique opportunity through the use of the KNIME data mining software platform, to combine the functional Cellaxess® Elektra data with morphological HCS data at the single cell level to provide comprehensive compound effect data.

In terms of cell supply we have in-house production of primary cells from native tissue and we are sourcing HiPSC-derived neurons from our partner Censo Biotechnologies and our customers to further increase disease relevance of our discovery models.

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