Expertise and Capabilities

Excellence in drug discovery

A core part of our Discovery Services offering is our team. With significant industry experience in assay development and screening, our dedicated team of expert neurobiologists work to rapidly develop and validate exciting CNS and peripheral pain assays using native primary cells.

By combining the capability of our unique and proprietary Cellaxess® Elektra platform with highly sensitive dynamic imaging and reporters, we create biologically-relevant, high quality phenotypic assays for compound characterization and target validation for our partners.

We are also using our Cellaxess® Elektra platform for target deconvolution, and for the generation of primary, and stem cell-based disease models to further increase the value of our partner’s discovery assets.

We have significant expertise in, and facilities for, the production of primary cell in vitro cultures from rodents and primates. We also have access to stem-cell models through major vendors.

Our expert engineering team provide an important asset to our services work, providing hands on capability to adapt and optimize the performance of our platform to meet our client’s specific needs.