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Introducing Cellaxess® ACE – In-situ transfection of adherent primary and IPSC derived cells

Cellaxess® ACE enables high quality in-situ transfection of primary and iPSC-derived cells in their adherent state. With Cellaxess® ACE, almost any cell type can be transfected at any stage of cellular development with virtually no impact on cell viability or morphology. In this aspect, the Cellaxess method is superior to cuvette electroporation and reagent-based methods.

Cellaxess® ACE allows for long-term transfection and knock-down experiments, and gene expression can be detected up to several weeks after transfection in primary cell types. As cells can also be transfected at any stage of development, this allows for complete freedom in phenotypic studies.

Because of the clever design of the system, Cellaxess® ACE is extremely easy to use and offers huge time savings when compared to other transfection methodologies. A minimum of preparations are required to run the system in the lab. A single transfection reaction takes only a few minutes including preparations and an entire 24-well plate can be transfected in less than 15 minutes.

The system is compatible with a wide range of cell culture formats, from dishes to 96-well plates. Also, cells can be transfected when cultured on glass coverslips. Cellaxess® ACE is utilizing a single replaceable capillary electrode. Cellectricon offer different electrodes for different cell culture formats.

Cellectricon does not only offer Cellaxess® ACE as a complete system, it is also possible to buy the Cellaxes ACE module as a stand-alone product. The ACE module has been designed to be compatible with most pulse generators on the market. So if you already have a pulse generator in your lab, buying the ACE module is a very affordable solution to access the technology.

Contact us today to learn more about Cellaxess® ACE! Please also visit our Scientific Resource Center to download application notes, and further information on Cellaxess® ACE.