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Cellectricon Announces the Winner of the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting Cellaxess® ACE Adherent Cell Electroporation Module lottery!

Gothenburg, Sweden, Nov 1st, 2012:

Cellectricon is thrilled to announce the winner of the lottery held at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting, 14th-17th of October 2012 in New Orleans, LA, USA. There was a great interest in the Cellaxess ACE system for transfection of neuronal as well as non-neuronal cells, and many entered the lottery. We have now drawn from our lottery box, and the winner is Dr Randy Stout of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY, USA. We congratulate Dr Stout on winning, and hope that he’ll be able to make good use of Cellaxess ACE!

About Cellaxess ACE

Cellaxess ACE Adherent Cell Electroporation System represents a revolution in the in-situ transfection of any adherent cell type. Developed to meet the growing need for in-situ transfection of hard-to-transfect adherent cell types the platform enables transfection and delivery of non-genetic material in any adherent cell type at any developmental stage. The platform enables in-situ primary and iPSC-derived cell types directly in 96- and 384-well microplates and cell culture dishes at any cellular developmental stage with excellent viability and completely retained cellular morphology. Cellaxess ACE is available as a complete system, but can also be integrated with third party pulse generators