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The Cellaxess® Capillary Electroporation Technology

Cellaxess represents a vast improvement of the classical electroporation procedure. The technology is based on the use of capillary electrodes to deliver electrical fields to adherent cells directly in culture. By placing the capillary electrode in close proximity to the cell culture surface, focused electric fields can be delivered to adherent cells in-situ directly in culture without joule heating or electrochemical toxicity. The result is a minimally invasive procedure which enables transfection with unsurpassed efficiency and viability. Cellaxess is ideal for the transfection of challenging cell types, such as primary- and iPSC-derived neuronal cell types.

The Cellaxess technology can be used for introduction of all types of molecules, ranging in size from target-designed dyes, to oligonucleotides, siRNA, and large plasmids to adherent cells. The technique is highly scalable, and can be used in any culture format ranging from dishes to 384-well microplates.

We have summarized the capillary electroporation technology and its key benefits in a brand new application note, which is now available for download in our Scientific Resource Center.