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Cellaxess ACE Project Grant

Call for Projects – Electroporation-assisted delivery of non-genetic materials

Cellectricon is pleased to announce that it is now accepting applications for the newly launched Cellaxess Project Grant. The grant invites scientists to submit a research proposal which uses the Cellaxess electromanipulation platform for the cellular delivery of non-genetic material, particularly small molecules and peptides.

Providing scientists with invaluable access to advanced technology, Cellectricon will award a Cellaxess ACE platform to the winning project in 2 categories:

  • Basic cell-based research
  • Applied cell-based research

Winning proposals will also be granted consumables and reagents for the project.

Proposals that advance the development and applications of electroporation-mediated delivery of non-genetic material are particularly welcomed, and special emphasis will be placed on those projects that elucidate the value of electroporation-assisted technology for the delivery of such material. The research proposals should take advantage of the unique functionality of the Cellaxess platform, including the delivery of molecules into adherent cell cultures.

The Cellaxess Project Grant is an ideal way for scientists to advance the scope of their research, with access to Cellectricon’s cutting-edge electroporation technology and complete support and expertise from the Cellectricon team. Winners of the Project Grant will be expected to participate in a limited number of marketing programs, to highlight the research that was performed under the award.

Key Dates

Application deadline: July 31st 2013

Project Grant winners will be announced on September 1st 2013

How to Apply

Please read the program’s Official Rules before applying. Complete the form and email to to submit your research proposal.