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Cellectricon broadens Pain drug discovery offering

Dear fellow discovery researchers,

I am very pleased to say that over the last twelve months we have gained significant traction with our functional, phenotypic cell-based assay services offering for chronic pain and CNS research. Our cutting edge Cellaxess® Elektra assay platform provides highly relevant information from various types of primary neurons and stem cells on key parameters such as neuronal excitability and synaptic function. The platform has successfully been employed for several different disease areas including chronic and acute pain, epilepsy, and neuropsychiatric diseases for our discovery services clients.

In order to increase our services value, we will expand our discovery services offering to also encompass profiling further along the drug discovery process. With our broadened offering we can, for example, progress pain-active compounds in a panel of side effect assays in different in-vitro toxicity relevant tissues, such as cardiomyocytes and CNS neurons, in order to provide early stage identification of compounds with enhanced risk of causing adverse effects in humans. This form of counter screening strategy can therefore provide extremely valuable information on compound activity in native primary screens as well as in native side effect assays to aid the decision-making on which compounds to advance to the clinic. Accordingly, this enhanced offering has the potential to dramatically reduce overall R&D spending.

Furthermore, we see large demand for more complex and refined studies and therefore offer a range of complementary cell-based assays based not only on our proprietary Cellaxess Elektra platform but on High Content Screening methods, either stand-alone or in combination with  Cellaxess Elektra. With our enhanced capabilities we can now further develop our existing assays to better resolve subtle compound effects in discrete sub-populations of cells in mixed primary cultures. We believe this will provide enhanced value added to our client’s discovery efforts. Please stay tuned for more information!


Mattias Karlsson, VP Business Development

Mattias was involved in founding Cellectricon, and joined the company on a full-time basis in 2003 as VP R&D to develop the product portfolio. He has contributed to the company with most of the patents and the conceptual work to define products from existing IP. Mr. Karlsson currently holds the position of VP Business Development, and is responsible for marketing and sales activities.

Mattias has a Ph.D. in chemistry from Chalmers University of  Technology in Gothenburg and a M.Sc. in analytical chemistry from Gothenburg University.