Our Journey

From product development sales to high end discovery services provider

Originally founded to develop novel, high performance drug discovery screening systems by combining microsystems engineering with cell biology, Cellectricon was spun out of Chalmers University of Technology. From a broad IP portfolio and profound expertise in microfluidics and electrophysiology, the company rapidly developed several highly innovative discovery technology platforms that were successfully launched to the market. Over the years, we developed a substantial client base consisting of large pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as leading academic institutions.

With the change in drug discovery and disease research paradigms towards one of outsourcing of specialized services, we decided to establish our own CNS and Peripheral Pain Discovery Services business. Today, our experienced drug discovery team provide our partners with the ability to substantially shorten development times and discovery costs. With leading expertise in rapid assay development and phenotypic primary cell screening, our neurobiologist team provides fully collaborative screening support. There is now so much interest in the value of our scientific expertise and proprietary Cellaxess® technology that our services business has really taken off. As a result, we decided to withdraw from all direct product sales activities effective September 1st 2014.

Our History

2014 – Withdrawal of direct product sales in September 2014 to focus entirely on our rapidly growing Discovery Services business.

2013 – Phenotypic CNS and chronic pain Discovery Services launched.Several major pharma partners sign up for Proof-of-Concept studies in chronic pain and synaptic transmission assay development using Cellaxess electric field stimulation of primary neurons as early adopters of our screening services. Services for our partners are now moving from validated assays to compound screening.

2010 – New Gothenburg based investor takes majority control of Cellectricon, bringing stability and enabling exploitation of a new strategic direction for the Company.

2009 – Cellaxess High Throughput System launched, targeting genomic and compound delivery applications to microplate seeded cells.

2006 – A US Biotech funds development of Cellaxess to enable fine-tuning electric field stimulation and fluorescence readout of microplate seeded primary neurons for synaptic transmission assays in medium throughput.

2005 – Major US pharmaceutical company funds development of Cellaxess® first generation high throughput in-plate electroporation system for genomic applications in primary cells.

2004 – Dynaflow Platform for Ion Channel Applications launched. The enabling platform was the only Automated Patch Clamp (APC) system that can be used with any cell type, any patch configuration, and on any ion channel. First system sales achieved and to date over 90 systems installed principally in pharma and biotech worldwide.

2002 – First major investment round from a variety of Swedish Venture Capitalists and private equity including management investment.

1999 – Founded with technology, IP and know-how out of Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.