About Us

“At Cellectricon we are committed to our partners and their research goals. Working in full collaboration, we provide enabling services to support more rapid and clinically-relevant early decision making in the drug discovery process, saving our customers valuable time and cost.”

Mattias Karlsson


Cellectricon is a leading provider of advanced cell-based screening services to accelerate drug discovery. Exploiting our Cellaxess® Elektra platform, our Discovery Services offering is ideal for compound profiling in excitable primary cells and native tissue. Our services help researchers identify phenotypic effects in highly relevant biological models early enough in a project’s lifecycle to add real value to the decision of whether to pursue or eliminate a compound, which translates to considerable cost savings in the drug development business.

With our new services-based business model, we are well-enabled to respond to the demands and challenges faced by the drug discovery industry. Our dedicated team of expert neurobiologists and extensive pharmaceutical industry experience, position us well as a preferred partner Over the past year we have collaborated with several large Pharma partners.

Working in a highly collaborative approach, our teams can rapidly develop and validate exciting CNS and peripheral pain assays using native primary cells, accelerating the path from assay validation to compound screening. The entire services process is highly interactive, and guarantees all partners are well informed via frequent reports on assay performance, observations and progress, to ensure project goals are fully realized.

Based in Sweden, Cellectricon AB is a privately held company. The main shareholders are Ägir Invest, Dunross & Co., together with employees and seed investors.