Dynaflow® Resolve

The Dynaflow® Resolve system is an add-on to your existing patch-clamp setup that offers solution exchange at unsurpassed speed, control, and flexibility. The system allows for recording of any ion channel current, using any cell type, any compound, and any experiment.

The system is used with the new Dynaflow® Resolve chip which has 16 channels and is made of glass. The chip is reusable and developed based on customer requirements reducing all risk for non specific binding of “sticky compounds” and offering improved cost-efficiency.

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The Dynaflow® Resolve System has an extremely broad application base with regard to both cell types and ion channels. The flexibility of the Dynaflow® Resolve System along with the stability of experimental parameters makes it an ideal platform for conducting advanced patch-clamp experiments. The new and improved Dynaflow® Resolve system retains all the advantages from the well validated Dynaflow® System and adds the Resolve chip, providing reusability and enabling the use of sticky compounds.

Dynaflow® Resolve System drastically reduces experimental set-up and allows for reproducible execution of precise and robust patch-clamp experiments with minimal compound consumption. The system includes the reusable microfluidic Resolve chip, a computer controlled scan stage used to translate chip movements, software to control and pre-program the movements of the scan stage, and a pump to drive the liquid flow.


  • Characterization of fast activating and desensitizing ion channels (AMPA, nACh)
  • Patch clamp-based fast synaptic transmission assays
  • Primary cell-based patch-clamp assays
  • Detailed analysis of ion channel kinetics


  • Any cell-type, any ion channel, any molecule
  • Adsorption-free perfusion of any compound
  • Programmable fast solution exchange – run complex perfusion protocols
  • Maximized data from each cell – from complete dose-responses to advanced receptor studies
  • Cost-efficiency – reusable Resolve chip and minimized compound and buffer consumption


"The Dynaflow® System offers programmable, fast, and reproducible solution exchange patterns needed to systematically study fast synaptic transmission by mimicking the characteristics of rapid release, diffusion, and removal of neurotransmitters."
Dr. Nikolai Fedorov, Targacept, US
"The new Dynaflow® Resolve chip has solved our problems with difficult compounds and also offers complete flexibility, well controlled perfusion and reusability with easy cleaning."
Dr. Jessica Strömberg, Umecrine, Sweden
"We are very impressed and happy with the data quality the Dynaflow® Resolve chip is providing, both from cell lines and acutely isolated striatal neurons."
Dr. Ari-Pekka Koivisto, Orion Pharma, Finland