• Cellaxess® Elektra

Cellaxess® Elektra Discovery Platform

The Cellaxess® Elektra technology can be accessed for your particular research and discovery applications through direct purchase, with separate assay and protocol development services for fast technology enablement, or through outsourcing of assay development and/or screening services to Cellectricon labs.

For further information, please contact us. We are happy to arrange a visit to discuss how the Cellaxess® Elektra technology can facilitate discovery research in your particular cell-based applications.

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Cellaxess® Elektra represents a revolutionary concept in automated electric field manipulation of adherent cells. Developed in close collaboration with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, the platform is highly diverse and can be applied to a wide variety of cellular manipulations in cell biology research. The platform enables in-situ manipulation & monitoring of cell cultures directly in HCA compatible 96- and 384-well microplates at any cellular developmental stage with excellent viability and completely retained cellular morphology.


Applications for the Cellaxess® Elektra include stimulation & voltage control of cultures in small molecule screening, transfection of siRNA and cDNA to primary cell cultures in genomic screening applications, as well as delivery of small molecules and antibodies in lead identification and target validation. The Cellaxess® Elektra Discovery Platform can be equipped with an imaging-based microplate reader for recording of transient fluorescence and luminescence signals from living cells.

Primary and IPS cell transfection

Cellaxess® Elektra enables in-situ transfection of primary neurons, and any other adherent cell types with unique performance and flexibility. Cell cultures are transfected directly in HCA-compatible 384-well microtiter plates at any developmental stage with virtually no impact on viability or morphology. The system enables transfection at low cost with any type of substrate at any cell density, allowing for reduced cell consumption and complete flexibility in downstream readout. Typical applications include for example, genomic screening (RNAi and cDNA), transient transfection for overexpression of targets, and creation of disease models through genetic manipulations of cell cultures.

Intracellular target screening

The Cellaxess® Elektra Discovery Platform is a truly enabling technology in compound screening. The system can be used for high throughput intracellular delivery of virtually any molecule, from small drug molecules to antibodies and peptides. The Cellaxess® Elektra will enable access to intracellular targets for any compound, and has therefore the potential to reduce the rate of false negatives since all compounds are delivered to the cell interior.

Stimulation and Voltage control

Cellaxess® Elektra enables high throughput in-situ electric field stimulation of adherent cell cultures and tissues in 96 or 384-well plates. Simultaneous dynamic fluorescence readout can be employed to monitor the response of the cell culture to electric field exposure in real time. For example, Cellaxess® Elektra offers a unique methodology to identify novel modulators of synaptic function and neurotransmitter release with relevance for a multitude of diseases in CNS/pain such as Alzheimer’s disease, Schizophrenia and neuropathic pain.


"We are very satisfied about the collaboration with Cellectricon and the opportunity to use Cellaxess® Elektra for RNAi delivery to biologically relevant cell types."
Marc Bickle, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology & Genetics