About Cellectricon AB

Cellectricon provides state-of-the-art discovery services and enabling technologies to accelerate drug discovery and cell-based research. Our discovery services offering utilises cell and tissue models that translate to the patient. Our proprietary technologies include leading systems for high resolution ion-channel screening and cell engineering. Developed in close collaboration with leaders in the pharmaceutical industry and esteemed research labs, the Cellaxess® Technology enables selective field stimulation of excitable cells, compound delivery and transfection for genomic screening of primary cells and stem cells. The Dynaflow® Technology advances ion channel research and discovery applications.

Based in Sweden, Cellectricon AB is a privately held company. The main shareholders are Ägir Invest, Dunross & Co, Investor Growth Capital and Innovations Kapital, together with employees and seed investors.


Cellectricon seeks driven people. Please let us know if you think you can contribute to the future of biotechnology. Send your curriculum vitae and a short cover letter to: info@cellectricon.com


Board of directors

Jan-Olof Lundin

Chairman of the Board

David A. Burns


Erik Kullgren

Dunross & Co

Axel Broms

Member of the Board

Kevin Matthews

Isogenica Ltd

Jörgen Persson

Dunross & Co

Management team

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David A. Burns


Mattias Karlsson

VP Science & Technology

Paul Karila

Head of Discovery Services

Johan Pihl

Product Manager Cellaxess

Anja Haraldsson

Head of Finance and Operations

Glenn Jansson

Production Manager